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  • [REPO-1699] - Ensure nodetype definitions are only (re)loaded when the cnd resource file has been changed
  • [REPO-1708] - AutoExport: add correct order-before for nodes within first export module
  • [REPO-1720] - Forced cleanup and removal of obsolete nodetype definitions - part two
  • [REPO-1742] - Cannot specify or maintain content definition order within parent
  • [REPO-1747] - errors during initial bootstrap can result in multiple hcm:hcm nodes
  • [REPO-1748] - Webfiles should not always be (re)imported at startup
  • [REPO-1749] - Auto-export fails to detect deleted nodes in diff stage
  • [REPO-1759] - AutoExport fails to export delete of /content node
  • [REPO-1760] - Autoexport marks folder as read-only after deletion (windows)
  • [REPO-1763] - Java FileAccessDeniedException occurred on renaming the page
  • [REPO-1766] - AutoExportIntegrationTest keeps failing on timeouts
  • [REPO-1768] - AutoExport does not validate its module configuration when starting up disabled
  • [REPO-1774] - AutoExport: add correct order-before for nodes from upstream modules
  • [REPO-1775] - AutoExport: add correct order-before for nodes within second export module
  • [REPO-1783] - Make sure that auto export get the events from post migrators
  • [REPO-1787] - content definitions are not applied in correct order
  • [REPO-1788] - events for reordering content nodes are not processed correctly
  • [REPO-1790] - EventJournalProcessor or DefinitionMergeService must implement mechanism to reset runtime configuration model
  • [REPO-1791] - EventJournalProcessor$Changes#addCurrentChanges(Changes) must also accomodate for overlapping paths
  • [REPO-1792] - order-before definitions should not be applied to JCR if the parent node doesn't support it
  • [REPO-1793] - Ensure proper and separate JCR Session usages in and through the ConfigurationService
  • [REPO-1803] - AutoExport adds child nodes of a parent which is only in the second module into the first module causing invalid the first module to become invalid
  • [REPO-1805] - Auto-export will create def with duplicate root path if existing def has no properties
  • [REPO-1809] - Autoexport of SNS node fails
  • [REPO-1812] - New gallery imageset filename is incorrectly auto-exported

New Feature

  • [REPO-1736] - Add possibility to register JCR event listeners to JsonResourceServiceModule
  • [REPO-1737] - Support JCR config/content migrators that can run after the ConfigurationModel has been loaded but before the CM model has been applied to the JCR content/config
  • [REPO-1738] - Implement HstChannelMigrator that migrates hst:channels node to new location for channels
  • [REPO-1769] - Make sure pre migrators can also run as post migrator if the repository is 'new'
  • [REPO-1777] - AutoExport: implement mechanism so 'development' module does not receive any config changes
  • [REPO-1782] - Migrate html cleaner to html processor for v12 upgrade


  • [REPO-1728] - Rework the "repo.bootstrap.ignore.content.append.conflict" functionality
  • [REPO-1730] - Support overriding .meta:residual-child-node-category for auto-export
  • [REPO-1733] - Add an integration test to the repository confirming property definitions get reloaded for residual properties when for example multiplicity changes
  • [REPO-1739] - Automated test fixtures for auto-export and tests for SNS
  • [REPO-1752] - Migrate the URL rewriter configuration in repository
  • [REPO-1762] - move PatternSet and InjectResidualMatchers to HCM
  • [REPO-1765] - Prevent autoexport looping
  • [REPO-1778] - Set commons-beanutils version to override old version from json-lib transient dependencies
  • [REPO-1784] - Rename property hippo.hcm.version to hippo.configuration-management.version
  • [REPO-1786] - Release patched Jackrabbit 2.14.0-h2
  • [REPO-1824] - Add getGroupIdentities() to SCXMLWorkflowContext


  • [REPO-1725] - Don't store HCM baseline if auto-export is not allowed
  • [REPO-1734] - Support SNS indices in root definition nodes for auto-export
  • [REPO-1743] - ClusterTest should use random folder and clean up after success
  • [REPO-1756] - Transparantly instantiate an extended enterprise version of LocalHippoRepository if available
  • [REPO-1764] - Refactor and rename AutoExportContentProcessor and friends for more generic usage and extendability
  • [REPO-1767] - AutoExport should generate better names for new residual-content nodes
  • [REPO-1771] - Auto-Export should remove empty folders
  • [REPO-1781] - Provide simple yaml parser for load and map unconstrained yaml configuration files to standard Java objects
  • [REPO-1801] - Add Source.getOrigin()
  • [REPO-1802] - Ensure AutoExport provides log information in console when modifying files
  • [REPO-1807] - Refactor DefinitionMergeService to move repeated params to fields
  • [REPO-1813] - Use head-only content source parser for reloading and cloning modules in autoexport


  • [REPO-1721] - Remove SNS and orderable children from rep:root (root node)

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