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  • [HSTTWO-4020] - HST tag hst:messagesReplace misbehaves when its body contains the hst:include tag
  • [HSTTWO-4128] - Testsuite bootrap error: ERROR autoexport modules must be the last modules applied to configuration, but found additional module: hippo-cms/hippo-testsuite/hippo-testsuite-intranet-bootstrap-webfiles
  • [HSTTWO-4131] - QueryStringBuilder#encodeName does not use correct set of allowed characters
  • [HSTTWO-4168] - [Fwd port to 12.1] Using Component Info inheritance leads to "Ignoring duplicate parameter" warnings

New Feature

  • [HSTTWO-3384] - hst:parametersinfoclassname optional property for delegate components
  • [HSTTWO-3939] - Add attribute selection option to Content Rest API
  • [HSTTWO-4103] - Built-in Swagger API descriptor support on /swagger.yaml for Custom HST Plain REST APIs
  • [HSTTWO-4133] - @ParametersInfo annotation usages for parameters in JAX-RS Resource class


  • [HSTTWO-4157] - Change Mock implementation of CmsSessionContext


  • [HSTTWO-4106] - Resource bundle ID(s) configuration as channel info parameter to the bundle fallback mechanism in LocalizationValve
  • [HSTTWO-4135] - Drop orderable from hst:pages, hst:templates, hst:sitemap and hst:workspace nodetype definition
  • [HSTTWO-4137] - Move definition of hosts and sites root nodes into HST
  • [HSTTWO-4169] - Undeprecate still useful createIncomingBeansQuery methods
  • [HSTTWO-4170] - Upgrade to latest CXF 3.1.x version

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