Release Notes - Hippo CMS - Version 5.1.0 - HTML format


  • [CMS-10781] - CKEditor hippopicker should define requiredContent rules per button
  • [CMS-10839] - MixinPlugin: incorrect styling when mixin name has two words
  • [CMS-10846] - When using a multiple compound with a date field, adding a new field clears the values date in previous fields
  • [CMS-10857] - Wicket development mode prevents opening documents
  • [CMS-10867] - Fix links to groups within permissions
  • [CMS-10904] - 'Add membership' button should be disabled in case of not selected group.
  • [CMS-10916] - Doc type editor does not set "resource-required" validator when a resource field is marked required
  • [CMS-10941] - Regression: three column layout for cms document gives errors
  • [CMS-10946] - Server 500 in CMS after logging out of the Console
  • [CMS-11002] - Fix NPE in TabsPlugin
  • [CMS-11007] - NotSerializableException thrown in console when running in wicket development mode

New Feature

  • [CMS-10813] - Show category and origin in Console according to HCM
  • [CMS-10863] - Reset search results when navigating away
  • [CMS-10865] - Fix button order throughout admin / user settings
  • [CMS-10866] - Change name in breadcrumb


  • [CMS-10874] - Update json-lib to version 2.4
  • [CMS-10947] - Disable/hide UI of broken broken links checker


  • [CMS-10836] - Pass pluginContext and pluginConfig as constructor arguments to ImageCropEditorDialog
  • [CMS-10910] - Add methods for managing cms session context attributes
  • [CMS-10931] - Keep the original file extension when copying an asset
  • [CMS-10935] - Create separate CKEditor branches and versions for 12.0 and 12.1
  • [CMS-10990] - Upgrade to latest CXF 3.1.x version
  • [CMS-10997] - Disable editing of properties under /hcm:hcm in Console

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