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  • [REPO-1746] - autoexport does not handle changes on deleted nodes or properties correctly
  • [REPO-1818] - Empty multi-value String properties get bootstrapped as type Double
  • [REPO-1819] - Fix HtmlProcessor migrator
  • [REPO-1826] - broadcast module config categorisation is wrong
  • [REPO-1834] - Autoexport failure
  • [REPO-1839] - NPE loop during AutoExport after changing primary type
  • [REPO-1842] - Essentials - Adding features results in java.lang.IllegalStateException: Path does not have a config parent: /content/documents/administration/labels
  • [REPO-1847] - Adding all Essentials features results in incorrect content order-befores
  • [REPO-1849] - Error on moving config node from console

New Feature

  • [REPO-1829] - Support initial values for system-category properties on config nodes


  • [REPO-1816] - Test migrator for HTML cleaner to HTML processor
  • [REPO-1817] - Content nodes may be exported into upstream modules incorrectly
  • [REPO-1845] - Make HCM API dependency non-provided


  • [REPO-1797] - process upstream content definitions when re-sorting in AutoExport
  • [REPO-1810] - NoSuchMethodError on ResourceUtils#createApplication() with CXF 3.1.12
  • [REPO-1820] - EventJournalProcessor: remove redundant logging
  • [REPO-1821] - Use category system for specific properties of built-in users to prevent those to be exported
  • [REPO-1823] - Restore known UUID for /content/documents
  • [REPO-1825] - Adjust JcrPath and JcrPathSegment usages as these have been refactored into interfaces
  • [REPO-1831] - [back port to 12.0] Make ExpandingCopyHandler class public (and also it's constructor)
  • [REPO-1838] - Use MavenComparableVersion instead of Double for Action lists
  • [REPO-1840] - Simplify resource values serialization
  • [REPO-1843] - Allow HCM module with only webfiles to follow auto-export modules without being exported itself
  • [REPO-1851] - Unwind InvocationTargetException failures when accessing the repository

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