Release Notes - Hippo CMS - Version 5.0.1 - HTML format


  • [CMS-10060] - Horizontal scrolling not possible in document overview
  • [CMS-10772] - In the document editor, red invalidation markings do not move together with an invalid compound
  • [CMS-10776] - Regression: Document offline dialog title shows escape sequence instead of apostrophe .
  • [CMS-10832] - Error renaming node in Console
  • [CMS-10834] - CMS does not manage commons-beanutils dependency
  • [CMS-10845] - Logo on login screen is misaligned, looks bad
  • [CMS-10847] - Auto-export breaks after copying and moving node
  • [CMS-10873] - Can't assign permissions to multiple roles for a domain
  • [CMS-10898] - Update from deprecated to extended GalleryWorkflow.createGalleryItem API to set the gallery:imageset filename property on create

New Feature

  • [CMS-10825] - mvn clean should also remove node_modules directories


  • [CMS-10714] - Provide a way to upgrade HTML cleaner configuration to HTML processor configuration
  • [CMS-10833] - Add Usage Statistics to Projects
  • [CMS-10854] - add 12.0 GA translations
  • [CMS-10874] - Update json-lib to version 2.4
  • [CMS-10878] - Bump httpclient to version 4.5.3
  • [CMS-10903] - Release CKEditor 4.7.1-h1


  • [CMS-10782] - Make filtering of autosuggest options in dialogs case insensitive
  • [CMS-10784] - Add a message and disable editing when a node is checked in

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