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  • [HCM-115] - Webfiles should not always be (re)imported at startup
  • [HCM-134] - Cannot specify or maintain content definition order within parent
  • [HCM-173] - JcrPath.startsWith() is incorrect
  • [HCM-180] - allow sns in root of content definition
  • [HCM-182] - Auto-export fails to detect deleted nodes in diff stage
  • [HCM-184] - V12 Beta - Path capitalisation error when adding image size variants
  • [HCM-187] - Autoexport fails with infinite loop
  • [HCM-192] - Log4j2 fails if cms-commons is included in Maven shaded uberjar: ERROR StatusLogger Unrecognized format specifier
  • [HCM-193] - esv2yaml must not inject residual category in content trees
  • [HCM-194] - esv2yaml must export /hst:hst/hst:hosts as config
  • [HCM-206] - Auto-export will create def with duplicate root path if existing def has no properties
  • [HCM-207] - node move gives file locked exception on windows
  • [HCM-209] - DefinitionNodeImpl#reorder does not cater for SNS correctly

New Feature

  • [HCM-84] - Adjust l10n tooling to reflect new bootstrap and YAML format
  • [HCM-179] - Support classpath scanner for classes with a certain class annotation
  • [HCM-181] - Support the HCM migrator tool to run as uberjar
  • [HCM-183] - add support to esv2yaml for injecting residual node category
  • [HCM-205] - Provide a 'head only' parser to speed up loading huge hcm-content yaml files


  • [HCM-157] - Profile memory usage of runtime configuration model
  • [HCM-169] - Support rules to correctly categorize runtime-added node trees
  • [HCM-171] - Separate ActionItem into API and Impl
  • [HCM-174] - Esv2yaml: Support splitting XML input into both config and content
  • [HCM-175] - To esv2yaml add domain specific HST configuration support for the channels move
  • [HCM-177] - Extend esv2yaml to migrate the HTML cleaner configuration
  • [HCM-178] - Extend esv2yaml to migrate the URL rewriter configuration
  • [HCM-188] - Improve naming of content sources created by esv2yaml
  • [HCM-189] - Improve ordering of content sources created by esv2yaml
  • [HCM-196] - improvements to support AutoExport reordering
  • [HCM-204] - Fix sorting of indexed node names in natural order


  • [HCM-74] - Support separating content from config with esv2yaml migration
  • [HCM-153] - Don't reload CNDs that have not changed since baseline
  • [HCM-168] - Support SNS indices in definition root nodes (config and content)
  • [HCM-191] - Better support for extending yaml source parsers and serializers
  • [HCM-195] - Deploy esv2yaml uberjar
  • [HCM-200] - ModuleImpl.clone() should also build()
  • [HCM-208] - Don't serialize type (Name) for pre-defined jcr:primaryType and jcr:mixinTypes properties
  • [HCM-211] - Use head-only content source parser for reloading and cloning modules in autoexport

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