Release Notes - Hippo Repository - Version 3.2.0 - HTML format


  • [REPO-1363] - RepositoryJaxrsService returns 401 instead for 403 when the authenticated user does not have sufficient permissions
  • [REPO-1364] - RepositoryJaxrsService: creating second application on same path destroys original application
  • [REPO-1371] - repository-engine project should set dependency to commons-lang
  • [REPO-1375] - EventLogCleanupJob fails if settings are missing
  • [REPO-1381] - Concurrent session access in Jackrabbit's LockManager timeout handler
  • [REPO-1383] - console copy dialog does not report error
  • [REPO-1384] - Add dependency to hippo-services-webfiles
  • [REPO-1386] - Multiple variants of the same state can be created
  • [REPO-1395] - Forward port to 10.2/trunk, scheduled task doesn't log the stacktrace when an error occurs in publish/unpublish workflow calls
  • [REPO-1398] - Document workflow: version restore sets lastModificationDate but not the lastModifiedBy
  • [REPO-1401] - RepositoryTestCase hangs on shutdown
  • [REPO-1422] - Author can no longer make a publication request of document after upgrade from 10.1 to 10.2

New Feature

  • [REPO-1334] - Add HDC Diagnostics in JCR Query executions and JCR Login


  • [REPO-1221] - Add javadoc and tests for the new repository-jaxrs module


  • [REPO-1244] - Input field for query in repository servlet very small
  • [REPO-1380] - Add happy path logging when refreshing of a lock is done
  • [REPO-1399] - Groovy Updater - options for script to manually report updated/skipped/failed counts
  • [REPO-1400] - Add creation date to workflow requests
  • [REPO-1402] - No need to support DTD or XML validating in SystemViewXML
  • [REPO-1408] - Register new cluster node as up to date with the current global revision
  • [REPO-1412] - Improve MockPropertyDefinition regarding some unsupported getter methods
  • [REPO-1413] - Add favicon for repository servlet
  • [REPO-1417] - Expose 'lastModifiedBy' property in DocumentVariant

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