Release Notes - Hippo CMS - Version 4.2.0 - HTML format


  • [CMS-5764] - New document/folder dialog: The entered name can disappear if Edit button is clicked quickly after typing
  • [CMS-9105] - Validation error when adding a new folder in document perspective
  • [CMS-9514] - Selected text in document translation dialog is very hard to read
  • [CMS-10452] - Internal CMS message shows up on login screen
  • [CMS-10511] - CMS shows unspecific error when trying to save JCR changes to already changed items
  • [CMS-10514] - Changes to document are not persisted when leaving content perspective
  • [CMS-10515] - Content changes are not reflected in content perspective
  • [CMS-10518] - When leaving a specific document's editor, persist the transient jcr session changes
  • [CMS-10528] - html character entities containing digits are not normalized correctly
  • [CMS-10535] - ReadOnlyModel value supplier needs to be serializable
  • [CMS-10547] - Make ckeditor.js resource reference context-relative (with patch, +fixed test)
  • [CMS-10548] - IE11 on Win10: SVG icons do not show on first load
  • [CMS-10571] - Fields on change password screen should be empty after failed attempt
  • [CMS-10592] - CKEditor numbered list property changes are not displayed correctly in the editor
  • [CMS-10608] - Add autoexport exclusion rules for the ResourceBundleWorkflowEventListener

New Feature

  • [CMS-10550] - Please create a getter and setter in org.hippoecm.frontend.plugins.jquery.upload.multiple.FileUploadWidget on fileUploadBar
  • [CMS-10613] - Configurable access to package resources


  • [CMS-10559] - Support closing a document editor without focusing another one
  • [CMS-10560] - Extend Editor Manager to register opening listeners
  • [CMS-10570] - Update copyright year on login screen to 2017
  • [CMS-11022] - Create Proxy for local angular development


  • [CMS-8910] - [console] style the button bar
  • [CMS-10532] - Discard dialog shows url name instead of CMS name
  • [CMS-10557] - Replace custom reading Implementation-* from MANIFEST.MF by java.lang.Package methods
  • [CMS-10567] - Make LoginPanel.LoginForm#addLabelledComponent() public to facilitate custom login pages to add labels that are updated when changing language
  • [CMS-10585] - Allow Webpack development resources to be served from ROOT
  • [CMS-10591] - Add deprecation warning IE unsupported browser on login
  • [CMS-10596] - Cutomizability in org.hippoecm.frontend.util.RequestUtils#getRemoteAddrs()
  • [CMS-10624] - Improve and fix edge cases in ChannelManager - HST handshake


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