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TranslationWorkflowImpl still requires (deprecated) FullReviewedActionsWorkflow to be invoked on document level



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      With the introduction of the DocumentWorkflow, replacing the now deprecated *ReviewedActionsWorkflow(s), all usages of these deprecated workflows should be replaced.
      However, currently this is not yet possible for the TranslationsWorkflow which uses and depends on a CopyWorkflow implementation (in casu the FullReviewedActionsWorkflow) for documents of node type hippostdpubwf:document.
      The problem is that the TranslationsWorkflow uses/expects a fallback CopyWorkflow handling for other node types (e.g. assets) which is provided through the DefaultWorkflow.

      The DefaultWorkflow however expects to be invoked on document node, not handle node, like the DocumentWorkflow. So we now have a workflow type 'mismatch' between these two, both implementing the CopyWorkflow but requiring different instantiation (document vs handle).

      The probably best and proper solution is to also convert/upgrade the DefaultWorkflow to become handle based, like the DocumentWorkflow.
      This should be a much easier change than the DocumentWorkflow but nonetheless will require changes in all its current usages.
      And, like for the DocumentWorkflow, we should provide a bc layer to support existing usages without breakage.

      Preferrably, we should do in the same release as the DocumentWorkflow, such that we can properly resolve and remove these bc deprecated layers all at the same time.




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