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Fix 'Add Page' in the Channel Manager when a campaign is running



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      This is quite a delicate scenario, and differs between PaaS and SaaS.

      In CMS-14806, we have backported that the Channel Mgr 'rest' kind of interactions are marked in the HstRequestContext as 'ChannelManagerRequestType#REST' requests.

      When a request is marked as such, it results in that the 'DelegatingHstSiteProvider' will use the 'channelManagerHstSiteProvider' : As a result, then for example when requesting HstSite#getChannel, instead of the MASTER, a branch might be returned.

      Now, this is problematic in ChannelServiceImpl

          public Map<String, XPageLayout> getXPageLayouts(final String channelId) {
              for (HstModel hstModel : hstModelRegistry.getModels().values()) {
                  HippoWebappContext context = HippoWebappContextRegistry.get().getContext(hstModel.getVirtualHosts().getContextPath());
                  if (context == null) {
                  if (CMS_OR_PLATFORM.contains(context.getType())) {
                  final VirtualHosts virtualHosts = hstModel.getVirtualHosts();
                  // just find the first Mount which have a matching channel id, and create the XPageLayout from that
                  // channel (it doesn't matter through which hostgroup the channel is found
                  // note that 'channelId' can be for a branch as well!
                  final Optional<Map<String, HstComponentConfiguration>> xPageLayoutComponents = virtualHosts.getHostGroupNames().stream()
                          .filter(hostgroupName -> virtualHosts.getChannelById(hostgroupName, channelId) != null)
                          .flatMap(hostgroupName -> virtualHosts.getMountsByHostGroup(hostgroupName).stream()).collect(Collectors.toList())
                          .filter(mount -> mount.getChannel() != null && channelId.equals(mount.getChannel().getId()))
                          .map(mount -> mount.getHstSite().getComponentsConfiguration().getXPages())
                  if (!xPageLayoutComponents.isPresent()) {
                      log.info("Cannot find any XPageLayouts for channel '{}'", channelId);
                  } else {
                      return getXPageLayouts(xPageLayoutComponents.get());
              return Collections.emptyMap();

      The problem is that for PaaS, the argument 'channelId' is always of MASTER, but due to the 'channel mgr context' of the request, the 'mount.getChannel().getId()' can return a branch id, which is never equal to the MASTER 'channelId'

      Therefore, for PaaS, we need only for this method, SET the request context to 'CONTEXT-LESS', and at the end of the method, set it again back to what it was.

      Note this has an impediment on ENT-3708 which will add the 'CONTEXT-LESS' support for the HstRequestContext and DelegatingHstSiteProvider

      puma-qa-team Note to also test that when the branch is not running as campaign, that both in the branch as well as for the master, a new XPage Doc can be created in the CM


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