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All hcm-actions execute with every deployment



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      Find attached

      • plain archetype with banner1 and global without edits (as added by essentials)
      • storage folder with edited banner1 and global (manual changes done with auto-export off) and hcm:lastexecutedaction = 1.4
      • hcm-actions.yaml that reloads global (1.1) and banner1 (1.4)

      Start the plain archetype with the existing storage (mvn verify) to verify that banner1 has a title "Simple banner3", global has the footer.text equal to "©2026" and the property  hcm:lastexecutedaction on the node /hcm:hcm/hcm:baseline/myproject/myproject/myproject-repository-data-application is 1.4

      Stop the application and copy the hcm-actions.yaml to myproject/repository-data/application/src/main/resources/hcm-actions.yaml

      Start the application with the same provided storage (mvn verify)

      • Expected outcome: banner1 and global remain with the edits
      • Actual outcome: banner1 and global have been reloaded from their yaml sources and changes have been reverted.

      So this paragraph at  https://documentation.bloomreach.com/14/library/concepts/configuration-management/manage-content.html is incorrect currently:

      The content actions file contains a list of actions, grouped by a version sequence number. The sequence number has Module scope, and is used to make sure that every action is only executed once. So, if above actions list is deployed to environment E where, previously, actions with sequence number 1.0 have already been executed, the bootstrapping process will only execute actions with version number greater than 1.0. Bloomreach Experience Manager uses the same version number ordering conventions supported by Maven (see the ComparableVersion documentation).


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