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      Publish from the Channel Manager
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      User story

      As a member of the content team, I would love to be able to publish documents and content changes directly in the channel manager, as having to switch to the content-perspective to do this is a real pain. 

      Consideration points/info

      • Publish should only be enabled in a certain scenario: preview version (unpublished changes) or offline + doc not within a project + channels core is being edited in the channel manager. All other scenarios (doc is part of a project, document is scheduled to be published/taken offline or is in-review) mean the user should not be able to publish
      • Authors cannot publish directly, but can only request a publication; editors can publish directly
      • Tooltips and validation messages should probably be used to inform users of why the publish function is unavailable
      • We should make use of dialogue boxes when a user goes to close something without publication, and when they go to publish/submit a publication request


      See attached image for design based outcome of MKR ideation #3 discussion.
      Or: https://5b984r.axshare.com/#g=1&p=publish_from_side-by-side_editor__result_of_ideati password: Publish

      • PUBLISH button at the bottom (not in the tool bar at the top)
        • Disabled for live documents that have no unpublished changes
        • Active for documents that are offline or that have a previous version live, even if there are unsaved changes in the visual editor; in that case changes are saved first and then published
        • Hidden for documents that are part of a project
      • Document status indication in the toolbar at the top: 
        •   for offline document
        •   for live documents without unpublished changes
        •   for documents with a previous version live (so: with unpublished changes)
        • For documents with a previous version live, the icon is a button that opens the document in div-mode in the content perspective. In the other cases the icon is just an icon that shows a tool tip but cannot be clicked




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