Release Notes - CRISP - Version 2.1.0 - HTML format


  • [CRISP-18] - NPE when using CRISP broker service when invoked from custom CMS plugin module

New Feature

  • [CRISP-12] - Resolving Binary Data (neither JSON nor XML)
  • [CRISP-23] - Support POST method in resolving/finding resources/binaries
  • [CRISP-30] - Upgrade Jackson Library to 2.8.x


  • [CRISP-17] - Move modules in default profile out of profiles
  • [CRISP-31] - Tag 2.1.0


  • [CRISP-7] - 'Bearer' in Authorization header value to be case-sensitive option
  • [CRISP-21] - RepositoryMapResourceResolverProvider#ResourceResolversInitializingThread prints stack traces unnecessarily on startup

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