Release Notes - Hippo Configuration Management - Version 1.0.2 - HTML format


  • [HCM-217] - Esv2Yaml: Webfile bundle dir should remain in the root of module
  • [HCM-220] - Resources generated via Essentials become "data.bin" in YAML
  • [HCM-221] - Auto-export module fails on auto export newly created namespace
  • [HCM-224] - Unnecessary warnIfValuesAreEqual from DefinitionMergeService

New Feature

  • [HCM-216] - Support initial values for system-category properties on config nodes


  • [HCM-198] - autoexport does not handle changes on deleted nodes correctly


  • [HCM-213] - Trivial API improvements to improve extendability
  • [HCM-214] - Use MavenComparableVersion instead of Double for Action lists
  • [HCM-215] - Replace the JcrPath and JcrPathSegment implementations with API interfaces and a single JcrPaths factory class
  • [HCM-218] - process upstream content definitions when re-sorting in AutoExport
  • [HCM-219] - Simplify resource values serialization
  • [HCM-223] - Support converting a string value to a resource on the fly

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