Release Notes - Addon Channel Manager - Version 5.3.0 - HTML format


  • [CHANNELMGR-1423] - Show content toggle icon has 'bold' style
  • [CHANNELMGR-1713] - CM should enable the overlay toggle for projects that are in review
  • [CHANNELMGR-1724] - Material icons are fetched at runtime
  • [CHANNELMGR-1758] - Add translation for document name and location in CC step 1
  • [CHANNELMGR-1763] - Content Service should not cache locale for document types
  • [CHANNELMGR-1773] - Toolbar icon buttons for content and component overlay look as if they are active for project in review
  • [CHANNELMGR-1775] - Rich text fields used as a list-based choice are broken
  • [CHANNELMGR-1779] - If project channel is rejected it should become editable again...
  • [CHANNELMGR-1828] - Reject Feedback field is not mandatory in the Channel Manager

New Feature


  • [CHANNELMGR-1705] - [SPA++] Public JS API Support for SPA to parse page and render components
  • [CHANNELMGR-1799] - Remember documents vs sitemap item selection - menu link picker


  • [CHANNELMGR-1744] - Create document of current architecture of the ChannelManager
  • [CHANNELMGR-1783] - Add Reject channel menu item to the Channel menu when Project is active
  • [CHANNELMGR-1784] - Add Accept from project menu items to the Channel menu when Project is active
  • [CHANNELMGR-1785] - For Channel rejection show a dialog for adding a reject comment message
  • [CHANNELMGR-1796] - Create and maintain feature/collaboration-psp3
  • [CHANNELMGR-1801] - Create and maintain SPA++ branch



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