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  • [CHANNELMGR-1412] - If the user switches projects while there is a document with unsaved changes open in the right sidepanel, then a confirmation message 'Save changes?' should appear
  • [CHANNELMGR-1429] - Components overlay toggle icon is not active (blue) when adding components from the left side panel
  • [CHANNELMGR-1442] - In Windows 10 + Chrome, the component properties dialog does not open sometimes
  • [CHANNELMGR-1445] - Enable/disable bottom CKEditor toolbar from config
  • [CHANNELMGR-1456] - Rich text toolbar animates unnecessarily after picker is closed
  • [CHANNELMGR-1459] - Clicking on a component in the left side panel shows a drag cursor
  • [CHANNELMGR-1461] - Opening a channel from the Channels overview does not always open with project = Core
  • [CHANNELMGR-1464] - Auto-drafting sets long and double fields value to 0 in case of invalid input.
  • [CHANNELMGR-1491] - CKEditor component overwrites various customizations
  • [CHANNELMGR-1544] - Author can start adding new components to container.

New Feature

  • [CHANNELMGR-1274] - Create hybrid app of AngularJS(1) and Angular(4)
  • [CHANNELMGR-1393] - Visual Editing supports Double fields
  • [CHANNELMGR-1426] - Remember collapse/expanse view-preferences in channel manager overview
  • [CHANNELMGR-1427] - Remember type/country and tile/list view-preferences in channel manager overview
  • [CHANNELMGR-1541] - Align folder structure between create-content branch and master branch




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