Release Notes - [Read Only] - Addon Channel Manager - Version 5.0.1 - HTML format


  • [CHANNELMGR-1270] - The ChannelManager does not work when a site uses require.js: dragula object not loaded
  • [CHANNELMGR-1316] - It's possible to save whitespaces for required HTML fields in VE
  • [CHANNELMGR-1344] - Visual Editing - Clicking in a RTE field, CKEditor toolbar is shown and field scrolls out of view
  • [CHANNELMGR-1345] - Opening the internal-link dialog or image picker hides the CKE toolbar
  • [CHANNELMGR-1348] - Edge. Icons are broken.
  • [CHANNELMGR-1349] - Can not save document when property.isMultiple mismatches the multiple configuration of the related doctype
  • [CHANNELMGR-1352] - No response if user tries to add new component to channel with deleted preview in runtime.
  • [CHANNELMGR-1364] - FF. Browser console error during editing document in VE.
  • [CHANNELMGR-1365] - Page/Channels dropdown menu can lead to command misunderstanding in hovering mode.
  • [CHANNELMGR-1366] - Component is clipped when dragged outside of sheet in fixed-width view
  • [CHANNELMGR-1368] - Save and cancel buttons are disabled after getting autodraft (form is "untouched")
  • [CHANNELMGR-1370] - VE. Exception and 'Unable to save' toast message if user saves changes right after typing them.
  • [CHANNELMGR-1380] - Very occasionally, cannot open select boxes in the channel editor menu bar
  • [CHANNELMGR-1384] - Regression: Clicking a cross-channel link in the channel editor opens home page instead of page of linked document
  • [CHANNELMGR-1386] - Link and image picker features are not well covered with AngularJS unit tests
  • [CHANNELMGR-1404] - Two source buttons are shown in CKEditor in VE
  • [CHANNELMGR-1408] - Chrome 60 causes 4 unit test failures
  • [CHANNELMGR-1446] - [Backport to release/5.0] - Enable/disable bottom CKEditor toolbar from config
  • [CHANNELMGR-1498] - Backport 12.0.X: Revert If the user switches projects while there is a document with unsaved changes open in the right sidepanel, then a confirmation message 'Save changes?' should appear
  • [CHANNELMGR-1544] - Author can start adding new components to container.



  • [CHANNELMGR-1323] - Improve content & size of confirmation message on clicking an edit content button when another document is opened in the sidepanel and has unsaved changes
  • [CHANNELMGR-1333] - Icons in right sidepanel have the wrong color and no transparency
  • [CHANNELMGR-1336] - Tooltips presentation is inconsistent
  • [CHANNELMGR-1385] - Add unit tests for image and link picker in richt texts
  • [CHANNELMGR-1415] - Enable/disable Publish & Discard options on the Channel menu (instead of hide/show)
  • [CHANNELMGR-1441] - Get rid of the custom ng-cache-loader in the hippo tree component

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