Release Notes - [Read Only] - Addon Channel Manager - Version 4.1.1 - HTML format


  • [CHANNELMGR-876] - Page scrolls to top if left sidenav opens
  • [CHANNELMGR-981] - [Back-port to 4.1] - Do not render .hst-cmseditlink overlay button if element is not visible
  • [CHANNELMGR-1007] - [Back-port to 4.1] Side-panel tabs disappear when pages are scrolled
  • [CHANNELMGR-1057] - [Back-port to 4.1] render issue in CM for nomarkup components
  • [CHANNELMGR-1112] - IE11. Safari. Unexpected scrollbar and fixed height for content container
  • [CHANNELMGR-1118] - Scrolling outside iframe no longer works
  • [CHANNELMGR-1120] - Cannot add component by clicking container title.
  • [CHANNELMGR-1121] - It's possible to add component when edit component dialog is open.
  • [CHANNELMGR-1122] - "Adding component" cannot be translated properly
  • [CHANNELMGR-1130] - When starting a drag action in a scaled site, the mirror element is not rendered correctly
  • [CHANNELMGR-1131] - Dragula.css in not injected into the iframe correctly
  • [CHANNELMGR-1134] - 500 error code in component editor dialog trying to edit discarded component.
  • [CHANNELMGR-1149] - Creating variant throws JS error
  • [CHANNELMGR-1151] - Overlay Channel Manager on 11.1 in Safari doesn't work properly
  • [CHANNELMGR-1153] - Backport to 11.1: Channel manager frontend resources should use a relative path
  • [CHANNELMGR-1155] - [Backport to 11.1] Translations to Chinese of labels in angular app do not work
  • [CHANNELMGR-1157] - No breadcrumb if user clicks Channels perspective right after going to Content perspective from right side panel.




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