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  • [REPO-1869] - Document variants count as multiple copies of a translation
  • [REPO-1953] - DbLockManager: lock statement not always closed
  • [REPO-1972] - When a free text search in faceted navigation is used, incorrectly scoring can be ignored in case of multiple sort orders including score
  • [REPO-1985] - Export of document with pdf gives an unusable yaml and broken file exports


  • [REPO-1950] - Upgrade to Jackrabbit 2.16.1
  • [REPO-1959] - Display multi-valued properties in "repository servlet"
  • [REPO-1962] - Let the LocalizationModule provide the LocalizationService
  • [REPO-1979] - Add filtering option to Logging servlet
  • [REPO-1980] - /ws secured jaxrs endpoints are too eagerly logging in JCR (user) sessions

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