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  • [REPO-1878] - Enabling Auto-Export creates incorrect properties for Taxonomy Plugin Demo
  • [REPO-1910] - Make LockResource thread safe
  • [REPO-1912] - SecurityManager doesn't sanitize userId in case of external providers to get memberships
  • [REPO-1913] - RepositoryServlet does not log enough information and does not propagate the cause in case the repository fails to start
  • [REPO-1915] - LockManager usage issue in clustered environment
  • [REPO-1937] - Make sure index names are unique in case there are multiple unique index columns
  • [REPO-1938] - Failing YAML export of resource with default file name containing colon, on Windows
  • [REPO-1939] - Created database table for LockManager most likely misses unique index in case of MySQL 5.6
  • [REPO-1945] - YAML Export in Console window silently fails on binary properties
  • [REPO-1949] - Autoexport infinite exception loop when moving and replacing a content node
  • [REPO-1953] - DbLockManager: lock statement not always closed

New Feature

  • [REPO-1936] - Migrate StringCodec configuration during upgrade to 12.2



  • [REPO-1516] - Groovy Updater - Be able to change the log level (from DEBUG level)
  • [REPO-1914] - Refactor REPO to match HCM API Cleanup
  • [REPO-1920] - [UpdateExecutor] Provide support for custom node selection/navigation

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