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  • [REPO-1836] - getDisplayName() returns wrong value for virtual node
  • [REPO-1847] - Adding all Essentials features results in incorrect content order-befores
  • [REPO-1850] - Many errors running Groovy updater VersionsCleaner
  • [REPO-1852] - Warnings during auto-export when adding Essentials banner component
  • [REPO-1855] - RepositoryTestCase has incorrect message on teardown failure
  • [REPO-1856] - [Regression?] hippo:lockExpirationTime auto-exported in spite of exclusion
  • [REPO-1857] - ItemNotFoundException when invoking HippoNode.getDisplayName() for the root node
  • [REPO-1866] - When storing HCM module sequence number in baseline, JCR-encode module full name
  • [REPO-1872] - Filter UUID paths not working
  • [REPO-1875] - The new LockManager must support MsSQL as backing databases
  • [REPO-1886] - Some LockManager unit tests and integration tests possibly don't correctly report failures
  • [REPO-1890] - [Auto-export] Virtual nodes not being exported correctly
  • [REPO-1894] - Autoexport: repeated IllegalStateExceptions when changing the root node

New Feature

  • [REPO-1780] - Expose HippoSecurityManager through InternalHippoRepository
  • [REPO-1782] - Migrate html cleaner to html processor for v12 upgrade
  • [REPO-1794] - Enable injecting QueryManager mock
  • [REPO-1811] - Implement local in memory (JVM) and persisted DB Lock Service
  • [REPO-1877] - Make MockWorkspace a HippoWorkspace


  • [REPO-1778] - Set commons-beanutils version to override old version from json-lib transient dependencies
  • [REPO-1786] - Release patched Jackrabbit 2.14.0-h2
  • [REPO-1816] - Test migrator for HTML cleaner to HTML processor
  • [REPO-1848] - Remove the AbstractReconfigurableSchedulingDaemonModule which has been deprecated 3 years ago and unused TestRepositoryJob
  • [REPO-1885] - LockManager intermittent test failure


  • [REPO-1758] - Support 'dry-run' execution of MigrateToV12 at repository startup
  • [REPO-1772] - Add codes for a lot more Latin (was: for Polish alphabet) characters to the StringCodecFactory
  • [REPO-1779] - Make ExpandingCopyHandler class public (and also it's constructor)
  • [REPO-1820] - EventJournalProcessor: remove redundant logging
  • [REPO-1822] - UriEncoding support for special punctuation (was: only considers utf-8 but doesn't translate to utf-8)
  • [REPO-1823] - Restore known UUID for /content/documents
  • [REPO-1830] - Make using another scxml definition testable
  • [REPO-1873] - Support closing of a LockResource by a different thread
  • [REPO-1874] - Leverage LockManager for the RepositoryScheduler replacing the deprecated HippoLock usage
  • [REPO-1888] - Improve "Content definition processing failed" log message
  • [REPO-1902] - Upgrade to latest CXF 3.1.x version

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