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  • [REPO-1496] - Node.getProperties(String[]) returns undecorated Property
  • [REPO-1595] - DescendantSelfAxisQuery can result in access denied acception when fetching the document in specific authorization setups
  • [REPO-1602] - NPE in WorkflowUtils
  • [REPO-1608] - getDisplayName() does not seem to work

New Feature

  • [REPO-1614] - Move the generic #nextSibling method from AbstractHelper in HST to JcrUtils


  • [REPO-1616] - Revert REPO-1597 change on release/4.2 branch


  • [REPO-1601] - hippo:translation subtypes should be by default readable
  • [REPO-1604] - Relax node type change restrictions to allow reparenting without changing the effective node type
  • [REPO-1607] - Replace custom reading Implementation-* from MANIFEST.MF by java.lang.Package methods

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