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  • [REPO-1497] - Parent and/or child axis queries can break under certain conditions
  • [REPO-1527] - parent wiring for repository resourcebundles is not correct for more than 1 level deep
  • [REPO-1534] - LocalizationModule does not load repository resource bundles thread-safe
  • [REPO-1537] - Downstream resoucebundle initializeitems can fail to reload when having reloading upstream resourcebundle initializeitems
  • [REPO-1543] - Missing ResourceBundlesInstruction resource breaks repository inititialization
  • [REPO-1545] - Bootstrap reloading of webfiles performs unnecessary and undesired intermediate removal of existing webfile bundle
  • [REPO-1549] - MockNode#hasNodes does not work correctly
  • [REPO-1555] - HippoTranslationToDisplayName has batch size of 10 and throttle of 1000 making it way too slow for production upgrade
  • [REPO-1565] - Align hippo compound read access between the authorization configuration and the access manager
  • [REPO-1575] - [build failure] Monkey test failures
  • [REPO-1583] - Non-deterministic execution order of overlapping delta-merge initializeitems with the same sequence
  • [REPO-1589] - Repository login relying on external context (e.g. LDAP) can fail when invoked across classloaders

New Feature

  • [REPO-1519] - [Forward port to 11.1] Implement MockNode#isVirtual and MockItem#accept


  • [REPO-1551] - Implement support for MockSession#removeItem


  • [REPO-1421] - introduce a Java constant for "cafebabe-cafe-babe-cafe-babecafebabe"
  • [REPO-1514] - add hippo:compound to HippoNodeType
  • [REPO-1520] - Make the ping servlet more lightweight
  • [REPO-1524] - Add DbDataStore using the default H2 db in the default repository.xml resource
  • [REPO-1525] - add mechanism to obtain repository resource bundles as regular Java Resource Bundles
  • [REPO-1533] - add property hipposys:system with value true to group everybody
  • [REPO-1540] - [L10n tooling] automatically set initialize items of changed repository resource bundles on reload
  • [REPO-1554] - Simplify freemarker templates using output format directive
  • [REPO-1588] - Create utility to retrieve variant from Document


  • [REPO-1505] - Forward port to 11.1 master - Revert xpath textarea to text input

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