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  • [REPO-1311] - NodeTypeDefDiff incorrectly handles multiple residual property definitions
  • [REPO-1312] - Searching on words which are prefixed or postfixed by   do not return results
  • [REPO-1317] - System session impersonator always impersonates to another system session
  • [REPO-1318] - Optional facet rules with negation can be expensive to create the authorization filter for
  • [REPO-1327] - [Forward port to 10.1/trunk] constrain document translation with security domain (automatically derived from user session)
  • [REPO-1331] - Regression: Using a mixinType in a query template breaks the creation of a document
  • [REPO-1337] - Authorization query does not exclude all descendant nodes of node with id 'xyz' when there is a facet rule that says 'jcr:uuid != xyz'
  • [REPO-1338] - Repository throws exception when node is returned from query, but access is denied
  • [REPO-1343] - REST-assured client in CXFTest is not thread-safe
  • [REPO-1344] - Exception logged during indexing when ancestor is missing
  • [REPO-1352] - Misleading log message about jvm auth when provided credentials are wrong
  • [REPO-1367] - [backport 10.1] RepositoryJaxrsService returns 401 instead for 403 when the authenticated user does not have sufficient permissions
  • [REPO-1368] - [backport 10.1] RepositoryJaxrsService: creating second application on same path destroys original application

New Feature

  • [REPO-1295] - Create utility for unit testing of CXF REST endpoints
  • [REPO-1330] - Integrate REST-assured with CXF REST testbed


  • [REPO-1280] - Create and maintain integration branch for repository-3.1.0
  • [REPO-1336] - refactor CXFTest config code in preparation for HstTestFixtureHelper
  • [REPO-1349] - Deprecate Implementation-Build manifest entry usage for initialize item reload
  • [REPO-1366] - [backport 10.1] Add javadoc and tests for the new repository-jaxrs module


  • [REPO-672] - Session login takes too long and invokes a search
  • [REPO-1294] - contentpropset incorrectly detects matching property definition to decide whether to add multiple values or just a single value
  • [REPO-1300] - AuthorizationQuery should skip clauses for unindexed node types
  • [REPO-1304] - [Forward-port to trunk] Groovy updaters don't log any timestamps
  • [REPO-1313] - Make sure log levels in logging servlet can also be set by a GET request instead of only POST
  • [REPO-1315] - Add nodetype retrieval method in org.onehippo.repository.documentworkflow.Request
  • [REPO-1316] - make getStringProperty method public in org.onehippo.repository.documentworkflow.Request public
  • [REPO-1322] - [10.1] Forward port: Make sure old indexes do not need to get their authorized docIdSet re-evaluated upon a delete of a Lucene doc
  • [REPO-1339] - It's possible to call OS commands from Groovy script
  • [REPO-1353] - Out of memory error when adding a new cluster node due to large number of revisions to process

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