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  • [REPO-1257] - Repository fails to start because unlock is called with pending changes in bootstrap process
  • [REPO-1288] - Potential deadlock in SessionItemStateManager#stateCreated
  • [REPO-1303] - [Forward port to 10] constrain document translation with security domain (automatically derived from user session)
  • [REPO-1311] - NodeTypeDefDiff incorrectly handles multiple residual property definitions
  • [REPO-1321] - [10.0 backport] System session impersonator always impersonates to another system session
  • [REPO-1328] - [10.0] contentpropset incorrectly detects matching property definition to decide whether to add multiple values or just a single value
  • [REPO-1332] - [10.0 backport] :Using a mixinType in a query template breaks the creation of a document
  • [REPO-1346] - Backport [3.0.1] Authorization query does not exclude all descendant nodes of node with id 'xyz' when there is a facet rule that says 'jcr:uuid != xyz'


  • [REPO-1357] - Tag and release Repository 3.0.1


  • [REPO-1277] - Deprecate hippo:discriminator property
  • [REPO-1284] - Groovy updaters don't log any timestamps
  • [REPO-1316] - make getStringProperty method public in org.onehippo.repository.documentworkflow.Request public
  • [REPO-1319] - [10.0] Forward port: Make sure old indexes do not need to get their authorized docIdSet re-evaluated upon a delete of a Lucene doc
  • [REPO-1342] - [backport 10.0] It's possible to call OS commands from Groovy script
  • [REPO-1355] - [Backport 10.0] Add nodetype retrieval method in org.onehippo.repository.documentworkflow.Request

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