Release Notes - [Read Only] - Hippo Site Toolkit 2 - Version 5.3.0 - HTML format


  • [HSTTWO-4033] - Using HstQuery#addOrderByDescending twice in combination with faceted nav: jcr:score seems ignored
  • [HSTTWO-4166] - Links to rest service endpoints do not work in the channel manager
  • [HSTTWO-4243] - [SPA++] PageModel API - Support versioned API (0.9, 1.0, 2.0) etc
  • [HSTTWO-4255] - [SPA++] Include linkrewriting for resourceapi (html) content serialization
  • [HSTTWO-4258] - [SPA++] Remove the component rendering URL in PageModelApi
  • [HSTTWO-4260] - In HippoBeanLinksVirtualBeanPropertyWriter, 'site' links don't work for mounts with other alias than 'site' and most likely 'site links' are redundant completely
  • [HSTTWO-4263] - Iron out Spring configuration for page model pipeline
  • [HSTTWO-4270] - Search Generic Content REST API doesn't work through preview mount
  • [HSTTWO-4278] - [SPA++] When circular references between documents, NPE occurs
  • [HSTTWO-4281] - [SPA++] SiteMenuItem link URLs are incorrect in Page Model API response
  • [HSTTWO-4283] - PageModelApi serialization results in 500 when setting a folder bean as model
  • [HSTTWO-4285] - Regression: Authors get to see the 'Add channel' in channel mngr even if they are not webmaster
  • [HSTTWO-4286] - Regression: VirtualHostsService#getChannelByJcrPath does not work correct any more since expect channels still be hst:hst/hst:channels
  • [HSTTWO-4290] - SpaSitePipeline should not include preamble or epilogue comments in the response
  • [HSTTWO-4292] - HstFreemarkerServlet - wrong IOException, breaking the contract of TemplateLoader
  • [HSTTWO-4297] - [SPA++] cross mount link between documents in resourceapi seems to remove the link instead of correct external link

New Feature

  • [HSTTWO-4108] - Built-in Partial Page Rendering Capability for Site Integration
  • [HSTTWO-4227] - [SPA++] Replace GREB API based Page Model pipeline by HST PageModelPipeline
  • [HSTTWO-4228] - [SPA++] Add Model Contribution APIs in HstRequest and HstRequestContext
  • [HSTTWO-4240] - [SPA++] Capability to configure CORS response headers in mount or sitemap item levels
  • [HSTTWO-4241] - [SPA++] Capability to configure a mount in _cmsinternal to leverage CMS authenticated session
  • [HSTTWO-4265] - [SPA++] Add support for supplying updated component parameters to Page Model API
  • [HSTTWO-4267] - [SPA++] Add component rendering link to components in the page model api response
  • [HSTTWO-4271] - Add hst:pagetitle to Page Model API response
  • [HSTTWO-4274] - Enhance link support in page model api content
  • [HSTTWO-4275] - For SpaSitePipeline mounts, suppress the AutoReloadResponseAppender
  • [HSTTWO-4276] - Support that prototype pages can specify the hst:applicationId to be able to indicate to which application a newly create page belongs
  • [HSTTWO-4279] - Expose resolved parameters in Page Model API
  • [HSTTWO-4295] - Add page composer rest endpoint for sitemap-item picker


  • [HSTTWO-4225] - [SPA++] SPA mount should render only the root component
  • [HSTTWO-4257] - [SPA++] Support to auto-create the 'resourceapi' mount


  • [HSTTWO-4233] - [SPA++] Create and maintain spaplus feature branch
  • [HSTTWO-4291] - Discuss whether uuids are needed in content part of page model api pipeline


  • [HSTTWO-3883] - Improve channel manager performance when jcr session login is slow
  • [HSTTWO-4261] - Improve the 'id' representation in json serialized hst content beans
  • [HSTTWO-4262] - Move #isContainer(Item)Window as #isContainer(Item) to HstComponentInfo
  • [HSTTWO-4264] - [SPA++] HST bean serialization options / questions
  • [HSTTWO-4266] - [SPA++] Clean up AggregationValve regarding hst version header and flushing
  • [HSTTWO-4268] - Let the page model api serialize by default the entire page component hierarchy instead of only containers and items
  • [HSTTWO-4269] - For component rendering URLs which are for a container item, do not serialize the 'components' structure
  • [HSTTWO-4272] - Default sort order for preview of REST API is on a property that most of the time is missing on preview variant
  • [HSTTWO-4273] - [SPA++] Always include HippoBean models in content section even when wrapped by somethings
  • [HSTTWO-4277] - PageModelApiPipeline should not be possible to be overridden on sitemap item level
  • [HSTTWO-4280] - [SPA++] Always put HippoBean objects as direct children of the content section
  • [HSTTWO-4282] - Support configurable HippoBean depth serialization
  • [HSTTWO-4284] - Make sure HstLinkConverter returns LinkModel instead of HstLinkRepresentation
  • [HSTTWO-4294] - [SPA++] Include image variants data with width and height properties at minimum
  • [HSTTWO-4296] - Add number of children to SiteMapItemRepresentation
  • [HSTTWO-4301] - [SPA++] Add MetadataDecorator#decorateCommonMenuMetadata
  • [HSTTWO-4302] - Hst Head Contribution robustness

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