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  • [HSTTWO-4148] - ConfigurationLockedTest - Two overridden unittest no longer exist in MountResourceTest super class
  • [HSTTWO-4178] - Content rest api documents collection resource shows all properties
  • [HSTTWO-4185] - Support in module.xml for child spring addon modules 'envelope' <module> elements
  • [HSTTWO-4189] - Content rest api - pagination no longer working
  • [HSTTWO-4192] - When session pool is exhausted, binaries servlet can behave incorrectly possibly not freeing locked blocking cache entries
  • [HSTTWO-4221] - CC doesn't create document if root path does not exist in system.
  • [HSTTWO-4232] - JaxrsRestContentPipeline does not work with PageCache if there is no hst:componentconfigurationid set on the sitemap item
  • [HSTTWO-4238] - CC link picker dialog shows all channels making some functionality not working.
  • [HSTTWO-4244] - When manually deleting the preview hst configuration of a branch, the frontend starts to behave erratically and it is likely that by accident you work in core while thinking you modify a branch
  • [HSTTWO-4245] - Locked component item behavior can be inconsistent when the entire channel is locked
  • [HSTTWO-4247] - Manage content tag must provide absolute initial picker path

New Feature

  • [HSTTWO-4144] - Support for getting active branch of logged in user
  • [HSTTWO-4147] - Create HST tag 'manageContent'
  • [HSTTWO-4152] - Log warnings for all illegal parameter combinations
  • [HSTTWO-4154] - Render UUID of referenced document in hst.manageContent tag
  • [HSTTWO-4174] - Expose additional component related metadata for manageContent tag
  • [HSTTWO-4183] - Support saving a single component parameter only
  • [HSTTWO-4186] - On a ChannelDocument object, support to indicate which branch the channel is (and null in case it is master)
  • [HSTTWO-4187] - Support to inject a 'context augmenter' in DocumentsResource
  • [HSTTWO-4222] - Manage content tag should render component parameter value for the active parameter prefix


  • [HSTTWO-4151] - Move the ChannelManagerHstSiteProvider project specific parts to the WPM project
  • [HSTTWO-4158] - Create and maintain projectdocs feature branch
  • [HSTTWO-4237] - Expose branchOf on ChannelDocument


  • [HSTTWO-4129] - Implement new methods in CmsSessionContextMock
  • [HSTTWO-4191] - Postpone initializing the HST Component Manager until the RepositoryService is available
  • [HSTTWO-4198] - Initialize the loading of all HST configuration nodes without http request
  • [HSTTWO-4199] - Create a PingFilter variant to the HST PingServlet
  • [HSTTWO-4204] - Support multiple header names in http-forwarded-for-header context init parameter
  • [HSTTWO-4208] - More clear attribute names for the manageContent tag
  • [HSTTWO-4212] - Improved sitemenu link validation
  • [HSTTWO-4213] - SearchInputParsingUtils should allow single quote
  • [HSTTWO-4220] - ChannelInfo Parameter Annotation - Support Dynamic DropDownList
  • [HSTTWO-4242] - Improve error logging of HstManageContent tag

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