Release Notes - [Read Only] - Hippo Site Toolkit 2 - Version 5.0.2 - HTML format


  • [HSTTWO-4122] - Backport to 12.0 HST tag hst:messagesReplace misbehaves when its body contains the hst:include tag
  • [HSTTWO-4134] - googleanalytics parameters must be of category 'system'
  • [HSTTWO-4140] - [backport 5.0] QueryStringBuilder#encodeName does not use correct set of allowed characters
  • [HSTTWO-4146] - Loading file configurations failed


  • [HSTTWO-4126] - List results of CMS REST Services not compatible between server and client after Jackson/CXF upgrade
  • [HSTTWO-4130] - Remove "orderable" from hst:pages, components and templates
  • [HSTTWO-4132] - Move default users and groups to content (not config)
  • [HSTTWO-4135] - Drop orderable from hst:pages, hst:templates, hst:sitemap and hst:workspace nodetype definition
  • [HSTTWO-4137] - Move definition of hosts and sites root nodes into HST

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