Release Notes - [Read Only] - Hippo Site Toolkit 2 - Version 4.0.4 - HTML format


  • [HSTTWO-3856] - [Backport 4.0] broken sendRedirect
  • [HSTTWO-3870] - [Backport 4.0] Parsing of expires headers fails if expires is set directly on backing HttpServletResponse
  • [HSTTWO-3899] - [Back port to 11.0] Deprecated methods in FormField not backwards compatible


  • [HSTTWO-3872] - [Backport 4.0] Allow easy overriding of max cache entries for binaries cache
  • [HSTTWO-3894] - Backport to 11.0: Support for SIP hrefs/protocol within SimpleContentRewriter
  • [HSTTWO-3904] - [Backport to 4.0] Fine grained resource bundle reloading (instead of unregistering all at once)

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