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  • [HSTTWO-3842] - Forward port to 11.2: ResourceContainer: Don't log warning when resource path is invalid
  • [HSTTWO-3853] - JcrHippoRepository can invoke HippoRepositoryFactory.getHippoRepository() concurrently which makes unit tests fail
  • [HSTTWO-3877] - When a cache hit returns from second level cache, the new time to live that is set in first level cache is/might be wrong
  • [HSTTWO-3879] - Add JMX support for stats of first, second and stale caching
  • [HSTTWO-3882] - Restoring primary page cache entry from second level cache has wrong creation time
  • [HSTTWO-3896] - Deprecated methods in FormField not backwards compatible
  • [HSTTWO-3914] - The second level cached Element does not contain correct value for timeToLive
  • [HSTTWO-3916] - Account for CacheStat to never be null

New Feature

  • [HSTTWO-3836] - Support _index_ sitemap item that can be used in case the URL should show the parent sitemap item path
  • [HSTTWO-3863] - Enhance the HST page cache to support second level and stale page cache support
  • [HSTTWO-3864] - Create and maintain caching-psp1 feature branch


  • [HSTTWO-3851] - Allow customisation of channel display width options
  • [HSTTWO-3908] - Add HST second level and stale page cache integration tests


  • [HSTTWO-3849] - improve setup of content rest api to not log stacktraces on 404s
  • [HSTTWO-3860] - Make sure _index_ sitemap item is not shown in channel mngr pages overview
  • [HSTTWO-3888] - Move the generic #nextSibling method from AbstractHelper in HST to JcrUtils
  • [HSTTWO-3890] - HstServices#getImplementationVersion() might not work in non-Tomcat or jar-non-exploded envs
  • [HSTTWO-3891] - Fine grained resource bundle reloading (instead of unregistering all at once)
  • [HSTTWO-3893] - Forward port to 11.2: Support for SIP hrefs/protocol within SimpleContentRewriter
  • [HSTTWO-3909] - Replace HstCacheEhCacheImpl with better naming reflecting the composite behavior of the cache
  • [HSTTWO-3912] - Cutomizability in HstRequestUtils#getRemoteAddrs()
  • [HSTTWO-3927] - Improve and fix edge cases in ChannelManager - HST handshake

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