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  • [HIPPLUG-51] - Taxonomy: Can't see taxonomy workflow status in the CMS
  • [HIPPLUG-60] - Sorting text fields by drag & drop fails when picking a element on the right side close to the field
  • [HIPPLUG-64] - Taxonomy: 'No prototype found' after clicking |Classifiable|Mixin Type|
  • [HIPPLUG-66] - Taxonomy: 'could not load type descriptor' after clicking |Taxonomy|Other Type|
  • [HIPPLUG-85] - ContentBlocks: error for validation service
  • [HIPPLUG-104] - Missing relateddocs:docs node causes NPE and makes document uneditable
  • [HIPPLUG-115] - Unable create folder when no folder type is selected of development component plugin (create folder)
  • [HIPPLUG-121] - Easy Forms: drag and drop sometimes fails
  • [HIPPLUG-167] - Tagcloud cannot be edited when document has mixins with child nodes
  • [HIPPLUG-208] - EasyForms: regex tries to validate empty values
  • [HIPPLUG-209] - easyformcomponent populates a final formmap
  • [HIPPLUG-210] - multi selects (checkboxes) don't keep their value
  • [HIPPLUG-220] - Selection plugin: StaticDropdown doesn't play well with 7.6.0 cms version
  • [HIPPLUG-225] - Selection plugin throws WicketNotSerializableException in Document Type Editor
  • [HIPPLUG-238] - EasyForms ef:compoundType must be orderable
  • [HIPPLUG-240] - Automatic creation of field name stops after inserting one character
  • [HIPPLUG-268] - EasyForms: IllegalArgumentException in logs on ERROR
  • [HIPPLUG-272] - Italian translations missing / wrong for some plugins
  • [HIPPLUG-277] - Related documents plugin is not language aware
  • [HIPPLUG-305] - EasyForms: IE9 - Sorting text fields by drag & drop fails when picking a element on the right side close to the field
  • [HIPPLUG-502] - Taxonomy - When entering new taxonomy category with NAME and KEY input, the KEY input is used for name field.
  • [HIPPLUG-507] - Webrichtlijnen compliant rich text editor: Table headers not supported
  • [HIPPLUG-899] - EasyForms: MailFormDatabehavior ClassNotFoundException if parameter ef-use-freemarker is not set

New Feature

  • [HIPPLUG-122] - Easy Forms: Allow EF to set Email Subject in the Form settings
  • [HIPPLUG-281] - Easyforms: Add "reply-to" addresses to the mail template (patch attached)
  • [HIPPLUG-346] - Easy-Forms: Create components that store and retrieve posted form data


  • [HIPPLUG-171] - Taxonomy plugin: add documentation
  • [HIPPLUG-224] - GalleryPicker Dialog for uploading with categories code review


  • [HIPPLUG-49] - Tagging plugin: checkbox should be removed
  • [HIPPLUG-52] - Dropdown: if the field has an assigned value, it's not possible to clear the value
  • [HIPPLUG-69] - Gallerypicker make image size of picturepreview in editor configurable
  • [HIPPLUG-80] - EF: Release 2.3 Version
  • [HIPPLUG-97] - Use hippo:translation values for content blocks options
  • [HIPPLUG-169] - Related docs error messages can be improved
  • [HIPPLUG-227] - ECM Tagging: Log about which node the warn 'Facet search tags node has been deprecated; use facetnavigation instead' refers to
  • [HIPPLUG-250] - URLrewriter: improve interface add low-tech option without regular expressions
  • [HIPPLUG-258] - Add date field to the EasyForms hst component
  • [HIPPLUG-287] - Taxonomy: improve usability by adding values instantly on select
  • [HIPPLUG-288] - Taxonomy: make category parents visible for selected values in the document
  • [HIPPLUG-300] - Use more sensible initialization sequence numbers in taxonomy plugin hippoecm-extension.xml
  • [HIPPLUG-344] - Scheduler tasks are not cluster aware
  • [HIPPLUG-359] - Related documents plugin should have a configurable scope and by default the scope should be the *current* translated site
  • [HIPPLUG-365] - httpsfilter should be able to behave differently per domain
  • [HIPPLUG-373] - Related documents manual picker does not remember last location
  • [HIPPLUG-378] - URLRewriter: Add a checkbox to support wildcard matching engine for the advanced rule set.
  • [HIPPLUG-619] - Add caching to ValueListProvider


  • [HIPPLUG-228] - Easy Forms IE7: drag and drop sometimes fails
  • [HIPPLUG-261] - Enable category localization in one taxonomy document in UI
  • [HIPPLUG-262] - Review Extensibility for Project-specific customization for all ancestor category keys saving in content

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