Release Notes - Hippo CMS - Version 5.6.0 - HTML format


  • [CMS-11296] - Serialization errors logged when running in Wicket Development mode
  • [CMS-11300] - Filter out certain workflow actions in the CMS activity plugin
  • [CMS-11306] - NullPointerException when closing revision TAB of document
  • [CMS-11355] - Campaign - Doc - editor - By default Core version is displayed , when view document from Project Content
  • [CMS-11366] - The title of the tab in the document editor should always be the title, but it is not
  • [CMS-11373] - Restoring project document throwing exception in logs
  • [CMS-11376] - Restoring project document throwing exception in logs
  • [CMS-11404] - [Content-Perspective] Closing TAB of frozen node causes ClassCastException
  • [CMS-11422] - Document shows as modified while only the branch was changed
  • [CMS-11423] - Error level stacktrace on login with incorrect password
  • [CMS-11424] - Removing a document branch does not refresh in Content perspective
  • [CMS-11426] - Use branchId in hints for finding out whether checkModified is allowed or not
  • [CMS-11429] - When opening a document from a folder the branch of the unpublished variant is shown and it should show the master variant
  • [CMS-11432] - Logging in into CMS when there is a document open (in draft) for current user results in server error
  • [CMS-11433] - Opening a document with running campaign shows revision history menu
  • [CMS-11453] - Not able to view Core new document which is part of project
  • [CMS-11475] - Folder workflow copy which is available in the console should correctly handle branches
  • [CMS-11504] - Project State icon and Time Stamp is not updated in Revision History when Start Campaign
  • [CMS-11505] - The list of documents in the content perspective shows incorrect tool tips
  • [CMS-11509] - Switching projct document from Channel Manager to Content Editor shows 'core' in yellow bar instead of project

New Feature

  • [CMS-11173] - Improve revision history window by also showing labels
  • [CMS-11192] - Support in the CMS to have a diff between preview and live of branch
  • [CMS-11193] - Show 'labelName' in version history dialog when present


  • [CMS-11172] - Create and maintain campaigns branch
  • [CMS-11243] - Support viewing a branch in document editor perspective without requiring to check out the branch
  • [CMS-11247] - Implement observer pattern for change of selected branch in the document editor
  • [CMS-11249] - Improve restoring a document revision when branches are involved
  • [CMS-11267] - Call workflow with current branch Id
  • [CMS-11292] - Create translations for branch and dissociate
  • [CMS-11297] - Replace observer by shared model
  • [CMS-11309] - Initialize branchIdModel in AbstractDocumentWorkflowPlugin
  • [CMS-11311] - Let HippoPublishableEditor make use of BranchHandle instead of custom logic
  • [CMS-11347] - Make PublicationWorkflowPlugin aware of branches
  • [CMS-11354] - Add tranlation key for branch operation
  • [CMS-11360] - Remove the checkout before obtainEditableInstance since not needed any more
  • [CMS-11363] - Allow adding values to "workflow.categories", so later configuration definitions can add a workflow category
  • [CMS-11368] - Make AbstractPreviewPlugin not Abstract
  • [CMS-11430] - Pin versions to node '8' and npm '6' and use `npm ci` to install dependencies
  • [CMS-11452] - Use the #copy workflow with branchId in it to copy the document branch you are looking at
  • [CMS-11456] - CKEDITOR - Pin versions to node '8' and npm '6'
  • [CMS-11459] - Remove the unneeded BranchFeedAction logic
  • [CMS-11461] - Revision dialog shows incorrect state, Live instead of Offline
  • [CMS-11470] - Get branch constants from BranchConstants
  • [CMS-11473] - Fix DocumentVariant imports
  • [CMS-11499] - Merge campaigns feature to 12.6 release branch
  • [CMS-11502] - Hide latest revision from branch in Revision History


  • [CMS-11246] - inconsistent menu ordering in console
  • [CMS-11399] - Use obtain editable instance with branch aware
  • [CMS-11415] - [Backport to 12.6] Enable moving compounds and multiple fields to the top or bottom of the list
  • [CMS-11418] - Deprecate the @Color annotation for component parameters

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