Release Notes - Hippo CMS - Version 5.5.0 - HTML format


  • [CMS-10665] - The OK button of a dialog can have duplicate callback handlers
  • [CMS-10949] - Upload rejection of a file of forbidden type breaks 'Close' in 'Save & Close'
  • [CMS-11231] - Possible Infinite loop in NodePickerController#saveLastModelVisited method

New Feature


  • [CMS-11145] - Tooltip for logout button is 'javascrtpt:;'
  • [CMS-11362] - Use lower case 'h' in History Revision dialog title


  • [CMS-9790] - Better labels for the dashboard todo list
  • [CMS-11169] - Upgrade CKEditor to 4.9
  • [CMS-11255] - Document Link Picker for ChannelInfo doesn't allow to pick from /content/documents/administration
  • [CMS-11257] - Don't scale images where target image size is same as original image size
  • [CMS-11268] - Add type of document to link picker
  • [CMS-11302] - Make CKEditor part of standard release process
  • [CMS-11382] - Deprecate JarExpander class
  • [CMS-11387] - Change brand name and t&c link on login page
  • [CMS-11398] - Upgrade spring framework version from 4.3.x to 4.3.18

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