Release Notes - Hippo CMS - Version 5.2.0 - HTML format


  • [CMS-11021] - CKEditor image2 plugin breaks the CMS
  • [CMS-11026] - Folder picker configuration is missing root.path cluster property
  • [CMS-11063] - Error in calendardate field in hippo
  • [CMS-11070] - Workflow actions not translated when invoked via WpmDocmentWorkflowImpl#triggerAction()
  • [CMS-11074] - Failing YAML export of resource with default file name containing colon, on Windows
  • [CMS-11080] - Dialog windows are not focused when opened

New Feature

  • [CMS-10862] - Improve search in users and groups
  • [CMS-10864] - Beautify search bar in admin / user settings
  • [CMS-10951] - Move StringCodec from CMS to reusable Hippo Service
  • [CMS-11020] - Make sure the CMS_SESSION_CONTEXT_PAYLOAD_KEY entry is initialized in the dataMap
  • [CMS-11082] - Add option to restrict path selection in LinkPickerDialog by rootpath
  • [CMS-11096] - Support node 8 in CKEditor build


  • [CMS-10929] - Delegate session context attribute to documentWorkflow
  • [CMS-10930] - Create and maintain projectdocs feature branch
  • [CMS-10959] - Let InfoEditAction of PreviewWorkflowPlugin determine its own visiblity
  • [CMS-10975] - Account for the 'drop' of contextPayload and 'active project' logic
  • [CMS-10983] - Delete global project context related code
  • [CMS-11019] - Remove println from brokenlinks test
  • [CMS-11058] - Update copyright year on login screen to 2018
  • [CMS-11098] - Tag & Release CKEditor 4.7.1-h12.2.0


  • [CMS-10015] - The width of the Updater Editor tree is too narrow and cannot be sized
  • [CMS-10999] - Implement and register the CmsEventDistpatcherServiceImpl through which events can be sent to reload jcr item/poperty models
  • [CMS-11027] - Refactor to match HCM API Cleanup
  • [CMS-11029] - Support multiple header names in http-forwarded-for-header context init parameter
  • [CMS-11036] - [UpdaterEditor] Provide support for custom node selection/navigation
  • [CMS-11037] - Better SVG image upload validation
  • [CMS-11062] - Groovy Updater UI - Be able to change the log level (from DEBUG level)


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