Release Notes - Hippo CMS - Version 3.2.5 - HTML format


  • [CMS-10448] - Resource field: revision history shows wrong file names
  • [CMS-10453] - Backport to 10.2: ReferringDocumentsProvider should use path instead of node name in sorting method
  • [CMS-10498] - [Backport 10.2] RestProxyService no longer works when running a multi-node cluster on the same server

New Feature

  • [CMS-10456] - [backport 10.2] For CMS Preview and PageComposer use a dedicated CmsSessionContext object to share state with the HST web application(s)



  • [CMS-10451] - [backport 10.2] Saving an empty date field should always result in a placeholder value being set

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