Release Notes - Hippo CMS - Version 3.1.4 - HTML format


  • [CMS-9496] - Not enough whitespace in text editor (with patch)
  • [CMS-9721] - Content blocks: Change not visible in the CMS before publishing (with patch)
  • [CMS-9788] - Hippo tries to resolve "https://" in hint fields.
  • [CMS-9800] - [Backport to 10.1] Regression - Content blocks: validation invalidates all fields, instead of only the invalid fields
  • [CMS-9854] - Upgraded HtmlCleaner seems to incorrectly html encode text


  • [CMS-9796] - Update copyright year on login screen to 2016
  • [CMS-9863] - CLONE - Update year to 2016 in NOTICE file copyright statements [10.1]

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