Release Notes - Hippo CMS - Version 3.1.0 - HTML format


  • [CMS-9108] - No user friendly warning message displayed while publishing a document using "publish all in folder..." option without saving&closing it.
  • [CMS-9311] - [content] collapsing view throws user back to selected item
  • [CMS-9449] - Dependency commons-lang is not managed properly
  • [CMS-9478] - Mime type incorrect for Javascript files as asset
  • [CMS-9509] - Regression: content listing not expanded by default
  • [CMS-9526] - Errors logged when running in Wicket Development mode
  • [CMS-9539] - Extreme cpu usage in Hippo 10 using Chrome
  • [CMS-9542] - Endless loop creating a lot of error messages in the log
  • [CMS-9554] - The original extracted hippo:text remains when changing a binary (PDF) to another type (like ZIP)
  • [CMS-9581] - hippo-cms-scripts module not managed in release pom
  • [CMS-9582] - New SEO plugin artifact not managed in release pom


  • [CMS-9572] - capture current html diff behavior using unit test


  • [CMS-9513] - Forward port [10.1.0] By default support .txt as included file extension
  • [CMS-9519] - Forward port to trunk - Improve FolderTreePlugin to display nothing in case of invalid configured path
  • [CMS-9567] - Forward Port: Improve styling of content blocks

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