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[Many projects] Upgrade to Experience Manager 15



    Upgrade Forge projects at https://github.com/bloomreach-forge to Experience Manager 15.0.0 / 15.1 /15.2.x / 15.3.x

    Documentation is available at 

    Most notable changes:

    In code base:

    • First check outstanding MRs, dependabot does a lot of security version bumps automatically. If needed, merge, possibly do a release (see how to release section).
    • Make a 'support/CURRENTMAJOR.x' maintenance branch out of current 'develop' then do the upgrade on 'develop' or on separate upgrade branch, based on 'develop'
    • In pom.xml, bump versions not only of Bloomreach XM but check latest for every dependency.
    • In pom.xml, check if Maven plugin versions can be inherited of bumped.
    • In pom.xml, update Maven URLs from onehippo.com to bloomreach.com, in <repositories> and <distributionManagement>. See ENT-5911.
    • If present, remove file .travis.yml since the building on travis-ci.org is ceased. Also the possible Build Status reference in the README
    • If present, upgrade (or create new from archetype) demo project in the submodule
    • Document at the project's doc pages, use latest Forge Maven Skin 3.2.1 if you use it.
    • Release as (CURRENTMAJOR+1).0.0, see 'How to release with git flow' https://bloomreach-forge.github.io/using-git-flow.html
    • Document at https://bloomreach-forge.github.io/project-list.html 

    Projects that are known to be used and have precedence: 

    • JCR POJO Binding 
    • Content Ex/Im
    • IP Filter plugin
    • Breadcrumb
    • Embargo
    • Localization Shortcut
    • External Document Picker
    • HST Spring Security Support
    • OAI-PMH Provider
    • Document Translation Picker
    • Document Commenting
    • brut
    • Properties Plugin
    • Reset Password (FORGE-429)
    • Page Management Support (FORGE-430)
    • Feeds
    • Apache Camel Hippo Events Support (FORGE-439)
    • Folder Context Menus (FORGE-437)
    • Hippo Utilities (FORGE-436)
    • IFrame Perspective (FORGE-433)
    • Review Workflow (FORGE-438)
    • Templating Support
    • Essentializer (FORGE-435)





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