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Auto-export creates bootstrap resources it can't cope with



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      Use case:

      I have just installed the taxonomy plugin. It creates documents of type hippotaxonomy:taxonomy under /content/taxonomies/.

      When I create a taxonomy and add some categories to it, auto-export exports the created document into

      • one XML file for the hippo:handle node
      • one XML file for each document variant (live, preview, draft)

      The XML files for the preview and draft versions are called xyz[2].xml and xyz[3].xml, and the corresponding initialize-items in the hippoecm-extension.xml file are called ....-xyz-xyz[2] and ....-xyz-xyz[3] respectively.

      At auto-export time, I get an ERROR + exception from the EventProcessor, line 345, complaining about a "Invalid last path element for adding node essx-content-taxonomies-tobi-tobi[3] relative to node /hippo:configuration/hippo:initialize".

      When I rebuild a clean repository from what Autoexport generated, I get the following error message:

      "Error initializing content for file:/home/tjeger/Projects/essentials/essx/bootstrap/content/target/classes/hippoecm-extension.xml in '/hippo:configuration/hippo:temporary' : javax.jcr.ItemExistsException: This node already exists: /hippo:configuration/hippo:temporary/hippo:initialize/essx-content-taxonomies-tobi-tobi"

      and only the live version was bootstrapped. Editing that taxonomy now works fine.

      I believe this should be fixed: Auto-export shouldn't export something it chokes on. I suspect that this is not a problem for normal documents because they live deeper inside the repository tree, where the built-in auto-export partitioning puts the 3 variants into a single bootstrap resource.




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