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View issues with resource field (combination of upload and other field) in cms 2.24.07



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      issue is also mentioned here:
      We found the following (for us blocking) issue with the newest cms 2.24.07 release.

      We found it on our own project and I was also able to reproduce it in the archetype of 7.8.5 with cms 2.24.07 (not in the archetype of 7.8.5 without cms 2.24.07).

      We have a resource namespace which extends the normal resource and adds one text field to the compound (for the number of pages in our case).

      In Firefox 25 the view is that the two fields are placed behind each other (see screenshot firefox) and you are unable to edit the extra field.

      In IE 10 the view is also wrong where the fields are placed also something like behind and below each other (see screenshot ie).

      In chrome 30 it works fine (see screenshot chrome).

      If you want to reproduce this then follow the next steps:

      • Create an archetype project name myhippoprojects with the cms version of 2.24.07
      • import the attached cnd file in a myhippoprojects archetype
        o this file adds the following cnd: [myhippoproject:documentresource] > hippo:resource, hippostd:relaxed orderable
      • Import the attached namespace file which imports the documentresource namespace
        o This documentresource consists of the normal upload field and an extra integer field for number of pages
      • In the cms add the documentresource compound to an existing or a new namespace in configuration
      • Create this new document in the normal tree structure or open an existing one
      • The view issue can be seen in firefox and ie.




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