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Strip down and cleanup jcrdiff to only the core needed features



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      The 'new' jcrdiff (1.02+) no longer uses specific functionalities of the 'old' jcrdiff (1.01.xx) which still is bundled with the product (repository) itself.

      No longer, if ever, used functionalities are:

      • the 'old' simple text based patch format
      • the weight-based diff matching algorithm
      • the JCR node position based re-ordering patch support (see also: CMS7-8164)
      • unused Servlet and/or remote protocol support

      So of these however are quite invasive and intertwined in the active code, so have quite a 'weight' in and on the code base.

      This makes it difficult to get a clean overview of the current behavior: what is used, what is no longer used, and how is what tested.
      Right now, only a small subset of all possible usages is tested thoroughly, and for a large part only in areas no longer in active use.
      And it makes it not easy to add or improve the test and documentation coverage of (only) the active code.

      After dicussing this through we decided we better strip down and cleanup the new jcrdiff to only contain the really used and needed core features.
      This will give us a 'clean sheet' to determine what needs further fixing or (re)implementing like CMS7-8164, and a much easier starting point to provide proper javadoc, unit-tests and usage documentation.

      This story therefore can be regarded as a pre-requisite for these other two stories. Once all these stories are done, the new jcrdiff 1.02+ should thereafter be ready and complete to replace the old jcrdiff 1.01.xx in the main product for the CMS Console patch support.


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