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Provide link to page from experience manager



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      story As a content editor I want to provide a link to external users to inspect changes I made to a page that opens in the experience manager

      Acceptance criteria
      AC1: similar to the interaction with URLs in the content persperctive, a link should be generated that can be opened in the channel manager for reviewing a page
      AC2: Only users with credentials for brXM are able to review the changes

      Original request
      "Hi bloomreach. We have a request of the following. Our content editors would like to have the ability to show a finished page to their internal client before publishing. this internal client would need some way to view the finished page as it will look when it is published. Is it possible to create some kind of deeplink facility for this? We would prefer to have a better solution than having a separate preview environment.

      The main thing is that it needs to be viewable outside of the channelmanager environment; the reviewers usually don't have accounts, or are on a different network where access to the cms interface is blocked. PM: The striked through text was invalidated after calling with the customer
      we would really prefer a deeplink option; an extra channel isn't really feasible in our setup. Our website will have ~40 channels/subsites when we're finished. Also, we have a headless architecture."


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